It's time to be seen for your brilliance.

Work with Natalie to elevate your branding soulfully and refine your marketing to radiate your light to magnetize aligned clients. 


Envision Your Brand Truly Reflecting You

You deserve a brand that doesn't just look good, but feels right. A brand that resonates deeply, not just with the clients you were born to serve, but with your own soul. 

With The Glow Up, you'll dive into a unique blend of the signature Radiance Reading to uncover your brand essence with a Brand Blueprint that provides you with a style guide of colors, fonts and a mockup of your social media. Plus, you'll get a 1:1 Milestone Map workshop to ensure all your offerings create a harmonious marketing ecosystem so you can find more ease and flow in your business.

Ready to illuminate your brand's potential?

Let's glow together.

challenges you might be facing:

Feeling Invisible

Even though you have a unique offering that your clients love, you feel lost in a sea of competitors and don't know how to stand out.

Blah Visuals

Your visuals feel generic and forgettable, not doing justice to the care and attention you put into your work or reflecting your deep passion.

Muddled Messaging

You have stellar offerings, but they're overshadowed by unclear brand messaging. Clarify your narrative so your true value can shine through. 

“Natalie is brilliant at her craft and the way she holistically approaches branding by infusing human design, gene keys, and her intuition to fluidly guide the process is magical.”

— Michele Dickinson, Life & Business Coach

elevate by...

Dive deep into your unique design with the Radiance Reading. Stand out and make a lasting impression even in a crowded marketplace.

Captivate your soul clients with your brand aesthetic that perfectly captures your essence, with every design detailed in your Brand Blueprint. 

Weave a cohesive narrative and develop your Milestone Map to understand the best customer journey to maximize impact and optimize your energy.

It's time FOR your brand TO SHINE

The Glow Up

Become a beacon in your industry, where your brand doesn't just shine—it radiates your magnetism and ignites a spark in those you are here to serve. Work closely with me over 6 weeks to bring your brand to life.

What's included:

Radiance Reading

In this personalized 90-minute session, you will see how to align your brand essence with your innate brilliance to attract your soul clients. Experience an integration of your human design and gene keys, paired with a brand review and key branding insights.

Ready to Radiate

Brand Blueprint

Craft a brand that's unmistakably you with the Brand Blueprint. Distill essential elements into a style guide, merging your unique design with brand style elements including fonts, colors, wordmark (text) logo, and a visual mockup of one of your social media accounts.

Illuminate with Intention

Milestone Map

Immerse yourself in a 1:1 Milestone Map workshop to refine your marketing ecosystem. As you align each offering, you will start to experience unparalleled ease and flow in your business, ensuring every step resonates with ideal clients at the perfect moment.

Strategize to shine

your brand's future looks bright



Transform from overlooked to booked, becoming the go-to expert in your niche.


Find your marketing flow by implementing strategies that resonate and convert.


Attract clients who value and vibe with your authentic expression, creating soulful connections.


Shed self-doubt and stand tall, knowing your brand truly represents your vision.


Seamlessly integrate every brand element, so that it consistently captivates aligned clients.




no. 01

Claim Your 1:1 Spot

 If you're ready for your brand glow up, sign up below to make sure you are in since I only work with a couple soul-led business owners at a time.

no. 02

Get a Radiance Reading

Align your brand with your true brilliance using visualization, human design and gene keys insights, along with branding recommendations that express your essence. 

no. 03

Do Milestone Map Workshop

Meet to refine your offerings into a value ladder, optimizing your energy and impact. This allows you to find more ease and flow in your business, so you can show up brilliantly.

no. 04

Receive Your Custom Brand Blueprint

You will get a custom brand style guide with colors, fonts, Milestone Map, and visual direction for how you can show up on your main social platform in a way that better reflects who you truly are.

no. 05

Follow Up Guidance & Voxer Support

Post-glow, you will have a call to get guidance on utilizing your new branding. You will also have access to Voxer support during the process and two weeks after receiving your Brand Blueprint.

from LYNN:

“Natalie has a gift of creative brilliance combined with a joy-filled soul... truly a delight to work together with her!”


from katie

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz!"

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Imagine starting the new year with your refreshed branding that beautifully reflects you...


Complete Investment

1 Payment of $4444

select the plan that FEELS the BEST FOR YOU:

Easeful Payments

3 Payments of $1700


“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”


Emerge as the Radiant Beacon You Were Always Meant to Be

Your visuals speak volumes, drawing people to your energy, vibe and glow before they read a single word. 

With The Glow Up, you will learn how to amplify your innate brilliance through your brand, aligning visuals with your unique energy and essence. Break free from the generic and step into a space where every element of your brand tells your story. Together, we'll co-create a brand presence that's as magnetic as it is memorable and deeply felt. It's time for your brand to not just be seen, but to truly glow.

Tap into the truth that wants to come through you.

Let's bring your brilliance to light

by the end of THE 6 WEEKS, YOU WIll FEEL

Profound alignment knowing your brand truly mirrors your essence, making every client interaction deeply personal and meaningful.

Clarity as you navigate your business with a roadmap, eliminating guesswork and optimizing your energy for maximum impact.

Proud to show up with a refined brand aesthetic, naturally drawing in your ideal clients who resonate with your message.

The ease of a seamlessly integrated offering suite, creating a harmonious marketing ecosystem.

Relief knowing what to post on Instagram so you can free up headspace to focus on serving your clients.

The comforting consistency of a brand presence that captivates and influences with every interaction.




The creative in your corner, guiding you to radiate your light

I founded Naturally by Design to guide wellness experts, soul-led businesses & growth coaches on building brands that reflect their brilliance through sensory branding, magnetic marketing and intentional living.

Focusing on my well-being and cultivating my own spiritual practice has personally transformed my life and I'm dedicated to helping more leaders in this space to be seen for the incredible work they do to brighten the world.


There is a big shift happening from hustle to heart-led businesses 

When I set out to build my own brand and business, I did it intentionally and by design so I could step fully in my own brilliance and not burnout.

What initially held me back was worrying that I was too 'woo', especially after just leaving my VP of Marketing role at a top travel company that grew 11x while I was in the leadership position. I knew all the key strategies, but wanted to infuse more soulful and sensory modalities into the branding work for clients to dig deeper into their brilliance and how they were designed to shine.  

Your shining moment is ready... you just have to go for the glow.

your brand breakthrough is only weeks away

In today's saturated market, standing out is no longer just about having a visually-appealing brand. It's about having a brand that resonates, that tells a story, that embodies your very essence. The Glow Up is not just a 1:1 branding program; it's a transformative journey that amplifies your innate brilliance, ensuring every facet of your brand is a reflection of your unique energy.

We are here to break molds of how we think we are supposed to show up, stepping into a realm where every design element, every color, every font tells your story. It's about creating a brand that doesn't just look good on the surface, but resonates deeply with those you are meant to serve; drawing them in and making a lasting impression.

to be seen is to be expressed

No other program combines human design, gene keys, branding expertise, and marketing strategies to transform your brand in 6 weeks.

What truly sets The Glow Up apart is its holistic approach. Weaving together the profound insights of human design and gene keys with branding design expertise and smart marketing strategies, this custom brand transformation is more than skin deep. Over a 6-week period, we co-create a brand presence that's not only magnetic and memorable, but also will be deeply felt by your audience.

As we approach 2024, it's your moment to be seen for the incredible work you do. The Glow Up ensures you step into the new year with a brand that doesn't just fit you, but truly reflects who you are and transformation only you can bring. It's time for your brand to radiate, to glow, to illuminate the path for others to follow.

Get a custom branding plan

refine your offer value ladder

create  magnetic marketinG

follow soulful strategies to shine your light


With The Glow Up, it's not just about giving you tools and sending you on your way. I'll hand you the tools and the insights, but it's the heart and energy you bring that lights everything up. We're in this together, and I'm here to make sure your brand doesn't just blend in but truly stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


you need to 

SHOW UP      Stand out


The Glow Up

If you want this to be the year you shine brighter and finally commit to:

Embracing your unique brand essence and letting it be seen.

Crafting a visual brand identity that's not just pretty, but deeply resonates.

Drawing in clients who resonate with your energy, vibe & glow.

Aligning every brand element, ensuring consistency and authenticity.

Seamlessly integrating human design, gene keys, and marketing strategies for a holistic brand approach.

Feeling more confident, aligned, and ready to share your brilliance from an embodied, expressed place.


This      for you if:


You feel your brand needs a refresh

you value holistic, soul-led marketing

you are ready to refine strategies for 2024

It's probably        for you if...


you'rE not energetically ready to be more visible

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO Dive Deep into branding WORK


(if so, I have something else for you...)

Let's GLOW.


Complete Investment 

1 Payment of $4444

select the plan that FEELS the BEST FOR YOU:

Easeful Payments

3 Payments of $1700



What exactly is included in The Glow Up and what isn't?

The Glow Up is a comprehensive package designed to align your brand with your unique energy and essence. It includes a Radiance Reading to uncover your brand essence, a Brand Blueprint that provides a style guide with colors, fonts, and a mock-up of your social media, and a 1:1 Milestone Map workshop to refine your marketing ecosystem. The goal is to ensure your brand reflects your brilliance and soul mission. Please note that while the package provides a wealth of branding tools, it does not include a website, custom icon/brandmark designs, brand photography or font licenses.

How does the integration of human design and gene keys work in branding?

Human design and gene keys offer profound insights into an individual's unique energy and essence. During the Radiance Reading phase of The Glow Up, we utilize these insights to inform the branding process, ensuring that your brand truly resonates with who you are at a soul level. It's about creating a brand that's deeply aligned with your innate design and purpose.

How long does the entire process take and what kind of support can I expect?

The Glow Up process spans over a 6-week period. Throughout this journey, you'll work closely with me, receiving guidance and support to ensure your brand transformation is seamless. Additionally, there's a post-glow call and ongoing support via Voxer to assist you in implementing your new brand tools.

Does The Glow Up encompass a full rebrand and website?

While The Glow Up focuses primarily on brand essence, visual identity, and marketing ecosystem, it lays a solid foundation for a full rebrand. If you're considering a complete rebrand and website overhaul, the insights and tools from "The Glow Up" can be integrated seamlessly. However, a full website design would be a separate endeavor, but the groundwork from "The Glow Up" ensures that any further branding efforts are deeply aligned with your unique essence. Contact with me if you are considering a more comprehensive branding project.

How does the easeful payment plan for The Glow Up work?

The easeful payment plan is structured in three parts for your convenience and peace of mind. Your initial payment secures your spot in The Glow Up and allows you to schedule your Radiance Reading. The second payment is due midway, right before the Milestone Map Workshop. The final payment is required before you receive your comprehensive Brand Blueprint style guide, which encapsulates all the work from the past 6 weeks. This structure ensures a smooth and manageable payment process as you progress through the program.

Still have questions?

Taking a conscious step into the light to be seen for who you are and the transformation you facilitate can feel uncomfortable and stretchy. Connect directly with Natalie to ask any question that is still on your heart. 




If you are looking for a light and bright spot where we talk about brilliant branding, magnetic marketing, intentional living and making your mark in the wellness world, you've come to the right place. 

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