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Branding Tip: Embrace Well-Designed TONIC Templates

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Templates can be a game-changer when you are looking to set the vibe and attract aligned clients.

I’m a designer and I use them all the time.

You might not even realize it because when you change the colors, fonts and images, it creates a whole new mood.

As a Projector, I’m always looking for strategies to make my life and my client’s lives easier and better.

Here’s how to ensure your templates match your vibe:

  1. COHESIVE VISUALS – If you are using Canva, set up your Brand Hub to make it easier to change your templates and be consistent with your visuals.
  2. STRATEGIC STOCK IMAGES – Use stock images strategically to communicate your vibe, specifically ones that feature an environment, pattern or texture that aligns with you and your message.
  3. READABLE MESSAGE – Make sure your text is readable. For background image featuring text on top, use an opaque layer over the image and make the text white or light to give it an instant “I’m legit” vibes.
  4. DON’T FORGET WHITE SPACE – Allow for more breathing room by not overstuffing too many words or images on your template. This increases impact and perceived value.
  5. INSTANT GRID VIBES – Adopt a simple yet effective posting strategy so your Instagram grid looks visually cohesive and instantly communicates your vibe to newcomers. I talked about the formula I use in the Visualize Your Vibe workshop.
  6. SENSORY SCENES – Every few posts, incorporate imagery that highlights one of the senses to draw people in and set the mood.
  7. TONIC TEMPLATES – Only use well-designed templates like the ones from TONIC Site Shop so you don’t have to worry about designing them yourself.

The last one is a big one because not all templates are created equal.

I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for good templates and then I met Jen and Jeff.

They are the founders of TONIC Site Shop and their website, sales pages, social media and now presentation templates are on a whole other level.

Plus, they have one of the best newsletters out there (go subscribe, it’s so good).

I now design most of my client websites using TONIC for these reasons:

DESIGNED TO CONVERT – They are already optimized for best marketing practices (they even have a resident SEO expert) and as a former VP of Marketing, I can see how they cleverly included prompts to make sure the site converts.

INTENTIONAL AS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL – They are absolutely stunning and everything is laid out to create the best viewer journey so they want to stay in your digital world.

NO CODING (OR DEVELOPER) NEEDED – When I turn a site over to a client after working together, I want to make sure they can make edits on their own without coding knowledge (and Showit, the platform the template uses, has incredible support)

TONIC also has incredible Canva templates for social media (in fact, the post graphics from this carousel are from on of their templates). And bonus, if you use my code “NATURALLY” you will get 15% off any TONIC template!

If you have any questions about TONIC Site Shop or their incredible templates, comment below and I’m happy to chat more about them!

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