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Soulful Sales Strategies: How to Attract Clients Without Feeling Sleazy

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Sales can sometimes feel… gross.

Like you’re pushing something on someone else and you have to forcibly convince them.

No wonder selling is associated with sleaze.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.

What if instead of sales feeling sleazy, it felt soulful?

What if you approached sales not from a place of “I need this to happen” but a place of “I’m going to put this out there so the right people can find me”.

Especially if you are in a wellness business where you are selling services to improve someone’s sense of wellbeing (mind, body or spirit), right now someone needs for what you offer.

If you are hiding because you are afraid of selling yourself or what you do, you need a reality check.

The reality is someone is looking for what you offer at this very moment.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “selling is service” and it is but it has to come from a grounded, embodied, soulful place.

You have to believe in the worth of the service you are providing. You have to deeply know your worth.

You are welcome to save this post for when you sense you are slipping into that sleazy selling feeling, and you want a dose of inspiration for how to feel more embodied when you go to sell soulfully.

Here’s a recap of all the soulful selling strategies:

KNOW YOUR HUMAN DESIGN – Often times when we are in selling mode, we get caught in mind loops. When we recognize Not-Self patterns and lean into our Strategy and Authority, we communicate from an embodied level that people can feel.

CRAFT YOUR BRAND VIBE – Invite people into your world and create an inspiring space for them. 70% of the population has an undefined head center, meaning they are looking for inspiration to move them into action.

SAY WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO SAY – There is a collective theme of concern about saying the wrong thing so what gets shared is watered down or looks similar to everyone else. Please don’t overly filter your expression to look more put together. Let them in with your story.

KEEP IT SIMPLE & SUPPLE – “Simple is Scalable” is a great marketing principle that gets overlooked and instead we tend to overcomplicate and overdeliver. How can you make it easier for yourself and your clients? Do you embrace growth? Can your brand pivot gracefully as you grow?

EMBRACE YOUR HUMANITY – This is about leaning into what makes you relatable: Leading with authenticity over artificiality. Please don’t be an AI-regurgitator of Google-able information. Share your mishaps, your experience, your wisdom.

MAKE IT SENSORY – We experience the world through our senses and by evoking the senses in certain ways, it leaves a lasting impression, making your brand more memorable and approachable. It’s a way to deepen the connection with our audience.

ALLOW IT TO FLOW & GLOW – When we start comparing ourselves to how others are positioning themselves, it can stifle our creativity and inner voice. Listen to good music, create, take nature breaks and connect from a grounded place.

Which one spoke to you the most?
Whenever you feel like you are sinking into that icky feeling like you have to force yourself to sell,
take a break and come back to this post to spark fresh soulful strategies for talking about the incredible work you do in the world.

✦ ✦ ✦

If you need a brand vibe check to make sure your brand visuals are in alignment with your essence to make soulful selling that much easier, you’re invited to watch the Visualize Your Vibe workshop.

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